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TViX Slim S1 NZ Duo - Overview

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Slim Twin Tuner HD PVR and much more than that...

TViX Slim S1 NZ Duo is a portrait of the future Digital Television Recording (DTR) with multimedia playback capabilities. For a DTR, it has Dual NZ FreeView HD Tuners which enable you recording of two RF channels simultaneously and it supports time-shifting which can pause the live broadcasting. You can upgrade your HDD capacity any time with just a simple insertion. In addition, TViX Slim S1 NZ Duo has an unrivalled multimedia playback capability including playback 1080p full-HD movies, high-quality audio files, high resolution photos with thumbnails and lossless high-resolution music files. It also supports a Wi-Fi 11n module which enables you connect to your local network or internet, so you can playback all the content on You-tube and other internet media sites, as well as your remote PC in another room.

Dual Tuner HD DTR (Digital Television Recorder)
With its Dual NZ FreeView HD Tuners, TViX SlimS1 NZ Duo is able to record two different digital NZ FreeView HD broadcasts simultaneously and to pause live broadcasting (Time-shifting)

The Best Quality Picture Realization with 1080P and True Cinema Frame-Rate
TViX Slim S1 NZ Duo can show the best quality of picture, which supports native frame rate of movie and also supports 1080P FULL HD and True Cinema Frame-Rate

Universal Jukebox that Supports Most Media Formats
By supporting superb H264 video compression & MKV container format, you can enjoy full HD videos. On top of this, oncoming HD media backup files as well as DVD backup files are supported. It functions as a universal jukebox that allows you to enjoy ultimate quality of videos and music through full HD picture and next generation HD audio output. It can also playback today’s high-res photos and lossless music files.

One Click, One Touch HDD Installation
HDD installation is possible to do without using any screws. Simple and easy to equip HDD with one click, and once fixed in the HDD holder can be mounted on the body of the touch. Much of the hard disk holds is very convenient for heavy users.
  • Receiving / recording two channels at the same time. (Digital Television Recorder)
  • Supports time-shifting
  • Scheduled recording
  • UHF aerial pass through
  • One Click, One Touch HDD Installation
  • e-SATA & USB Host support
  • SilentX Cooling Fan: To minimize noise
  • User Selective UI - Changeable UI
  • Innovative Cover-Art User Interface
  • True Cinema (23.976 Hz) Frame-Rate Support
  • Auto Tinted Subtitle
  • Next-generation HD-Audio Pass-thru
  • Lossless Music File Support (APE/FLAC+CUE/WAV)

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PVR Slim S1 NZ Duo

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